C0 - Founder Easkey is an internationally renowned, pioneering big-wave surfer from Ireland. Surfing is Easkey’s active metaphor for life. Pursuing big waves, adventure travel, research and artistic expression has given her the opportunity to explore more deeply the values surfing teaches and the importance of exploring more innovative and creative ways of applying and sharing those values to create positive social change. Easkey co-founded Waves of Freedom in 2014. The initiative is founded on the belief in surfing as a powerful medium for creating positive social impact and empowerment, especially for women and girls in areas of the world where it is not always easy to follow your passion. 



Co - Founder. Born to a family of travel professionals, Gilad had earned his wings in the tourism industry by early teenage years, fomenting a passion for travel and entrepreneurship that remains strong to this day. With Only Six Degrees, the aim is to transform any vacation or adventure aborad into an act of social good. Gilad is also the founder and executive director of Travel+SocialGood, the first conference and community to explore the nexus of travel, tech and social good. Through business and thought leadership, he hopes to push travel, the world's largest industry to meet its immense potential as a dominant force for positive social impact.


Sasha Calder

Co - Partner - A nomad by nature, Sasha loves exploring and adventuring in any way possible. Sasha is the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Josie Maran Cosmetics, a cosmetics company that is changing the game around women's empowerment, climate change, social change and business as a force for good. She holds an MA from the United Nations Mandated University in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development.  Sasha' s work in responsible investing, open data and tourism for social impact has brought her to STS to help redefine traveling for the social good. If not playing in the water, cooking or nerding out on the sociality of financial derivatives, Sasha is working on developing the role of travelers in decolonizing trade and implementing STS's unique, authentic and responsible travel experiences with positive social, environmental and economic impacts. 

Jessemin Sheyda-Losick

Co - Partner/CEO - Jessemin is a sustainable tourism specialist and adventure travel professional, with 12 years of experience planning, developing, and managing innovative travel programs across Latin America, Africa, and Asia. He holds a Masters in Public Administration in Development Practice from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. Jessemin works to ensure high-quality operations and positive community impact through all STS programs. When not developing unique travel experiences or working with destination leaders around the world, Jessemin enjoys surfing, photography and pick-up soccer.